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Chris Lounsbury
28 Mountain Ave
Hamilton, ON
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I sell instruments through Folkway Music in Waterloo, Ontario and also Symphontree Music in British Columbia.  Please check their websites to see what instruments of mine they have in stock, and to see a beautiful selection of other guitars as well.

Folkway Music offers a selection of only the finest in new and vintage instruments and they offer the absolute best in repair and restoration services.  This is not hyperbole; Mark Stutman and his staff routinely perform serious work on the rarest instruments with the utmost finesse and respect.

Symphontree Music is an innovative guitar seller located on Moresby Island in the Haida Gwaii chain of islands off the coast of British Columbia.  Proprietor Kevin Hennig offers guitars from the best individual builders, focussing almost exclusively on Canadian guitarmakers.  Since his move to Haida Gwaii he also operates his business as a "guitar resort".  You can visit and take in the beauty and history of the islands, and during your stay you can sample some of the finest guitars in the world and find your perfect musical match.

From time to time I may also have instruments available for sale directly from me.  Please email me if you are interested and I will let you know what is available, with photos available.