Lounsbury Guitars

Chris Lounsbury
28 Mountain Ave
Hamilton, ON
L8P 4E9








The interaction with a new client is the most fulfilling part of my work as a guitarmaker.  Of course the craftsmanship required to fashion a guitar by hand is immensely satisfying in itself.  However, the most important motivation that pushes the work forward and makes perfection the goal is the responsibility to produce an instrument that will speak to the player and inspire musicality.  If this relationship between player and instrument is successful then any amount of work and attention is rewarded.

Please contact me to discuss your vision for your personal guitar.  On the physical side of things, certain dimensions can be specified for the player's preference such as nut width, neckshaft thickness, string spacing and scale length.  We can discuss materials in terms of their acoustics and aesthetics.  I also want to know about your feelings or emotions around your guitar.  We can discuss types of ornamentation; binding and purfling designs or, inlays.

My base price is currently $4,000 in Canadian dollars.  A cutaway will add $500 to the cost; side soundport or headstock backstrap (veneer on back side) will add $150 each.  Slotted headstock will add $250.  Other features, like inlays or particular woods, will be negotiated.  I require a 30% deposit to begin construction with the balance due upon completion and before shipping.  Shipping and insurance will be covered by the purchaser.