Steel string

I offer four steel string guitar models.

My L-Model is shaped like the Gibson L’s of the 1930’s but with an updated interior structure in that the back and soundboard (as on all of my steel strings) are built to 15′ radius and 30′ radius spherical sections, respectively. On this model I always use a 24.75″ scale. Yes, I have also made a L-Model with a venetian cutaway.

My Concert Model is of my own design but can be thought of in the same realm as a Martin OM. I build this model with 24.9″ or 25.4″ scales, 14 or 13-fret neck locations, solid or slotted pegheads, venetian cutaway or not, etc…

I offer a dreadnought that is slightly modified from the classic Martin outline, with a just-slightly narrower waist to give it a bit more stability when playing seated. On this model I always use a 25.4″ scale and I will not make a dreadnought with a cutaway.

Lastly, I also offer my Junior Giant. It is also of my own design but note that it fits into a J-185 case. Either 24.75″ or 25.4″ scale, venetian cutaway or no, etc.

I usually adorn my steel string headstocks with a depiction of the Great Lakes, in pearl, plastic or reconstituted stone. Most often I use a French Polish shellac finish but I will sometimes spray. I am always eager to tailor the guitar to the desires of the player, from aesthetic choices like these, to the woods, and also neck dimensions and profiles.